Clinical Investigation

The Evaluation Of The Autopsied Suicide Cases At Our Department

  • Özlem EREL
  • Ufuk KATKICI
  • Musa DIRLIK
  • M. Selim ÖZKÖK

Received Date: 13.06.2003 Accepted Date: 10.10.2003 Meandros Med Dent J 2003;4(3):13-15

Aim: In this study we have examined forty-seven suicide cases between 1999-2003 who were autopsied in our department to evaluate suicide methods, age groups and causes of death. Material and method: The autopsy reports of forty-seven suicide cases have been evaluated retrospectively and statistical analyses were made by SPSS forWindows. Results: In our series, hanging was the most common used suicide method. Gunshot and shutgun injuries were the second common suicide method. 20-39 years age was the most frequent age group, and 72.5 % were male, 27.5 % were female. In 42.6 % of the suicide cases occuredin domestic places. Conclusion: In our series hanging is the most frequent suicide method. Its usableness and relationship with enviromental conditions are corresponded to Turkey's results. Because most of the cases are in 20-39 age groups, it was concluded that special attention must be payed to the young generation who are under the risk of suicide.

Keywords: Suicide, autopsy, hanging