Original Article

The Difference of Cardiovascular Risk Factors Between Different Work Groups in Aydın City

  • Hilal Bektaş Uysal
  • Hulki Meltem Sönmez

Meandros Med Dent J 2013;14(3):7-12


Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are an important cause of early deaths and ability loss in most of Europen countries.Our aim is to reveal the dispersion and the difference of cardiovascular risk factors between different job groups in Aydin.


We included total 302 persons and 50±5 person from each job group by random selection.Job groups were; bank workers, teachers, health workers, farmers, craftsmen and artisans.Study questionnaire form filled for each participant.Blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), triceps skinfold thickness, capiller total cholesterol and capiller blood glucose levels were measured by known methods.


45% of participants were women, 55% of participants were men.In the stopped smoking group; 40% were teachers and 27% were farmers.Craftsmen constitude the 40% of smoking more than one box per day group.We found high blood pressure in 25% of total participitants.Farmers constitute the quorum (41%) of high blood pressure group. 43 persons' total cholesterol and 9 persons' blood glucose levels were found high.BMI of the 48 persons was >30 kg/m2There was significantly difference between farmers' BMI and the other groups.(p<0.05).Farmers had the highest BMI (28.69±5.27 kg/m2) between job groups.Mean triceps skinfold thickness in farmers was 21.86±8.48 mm and was significant than bank workers, health workers and teachers.


Determined high blood pressure is more than diagnosed hypertension cases in our study.Skinfold thickness and BMI are higher in farmers.There is no statistically difference between job groups about total cholesterol and blood glucose levels.Smoking is high in all job groups but mostly in craftsmen, artisans and bank workers(in order; 61%, 52% and 51%).

Keywords: Cardiovascular risk factors, skinfold thickness, work groups, obesity