Case Report

Symptomatic Huge Pericardial Cyst: A Case Report

  • Selvet Erdoğan
  • Kadri İla
  • Fatma Demir Kuru

Received Date: 09.10.2012 Accepted Date: 17.10.2012 Meandros Med Dent J 2013;14(3):43-45

Extramedullary plasmacytoma is classified as a peripheral B-cell neoplasm and this tumor uncommon. This tumor comprises 3 to 4% of all plasma cell neoplasms. They usually occur in patients between 5. and 6. decades and more common men. Ususally they arise head and neck area ( paranasal sinus and submucosal nasal cavity ) but less %1 of all head and neck tumors. Their symptoms couldn't seen early period because of growing slowly. Clinical manifestations of tumors are associated with localization. The most clinical manifastation of nasopharyngeeal plasmosytoma is nasal obstruction, epistaxis, aural fullness and snoring. The diagnosis of plasmacytoma is based on and confirmed with histology and immunohistochemistry of biopsy from mass. In this present case, an extramedullar plasmositoma involving the nasopharynx was reported in a 67 years old man presenting with nasal obstruction.

Keywords: Extramedullary plasmocytom, nasopharynx, nasal obstruction