Case Report

Severe Transient Hypertension in A Newborn: A Case Report

  • Münevver TÜRKMEN
  • S. Ayvaz AYDOGDU
  • Ayse TOSUN
  • Alev AKDILLI
  • Mehmet HELVACI

Received Date: 23.06.2004 Accepted Date: 29.07.2004 Meandros Med Dent J 2004;5(2):35-37

This paper reports a neonate with transient, severe arterial hypertension. A 3-day old full-term girl neonate was admitted to the intensive care unit with severe respiratory distress, cyanosis and seizure. Blood pressure was 170/110 mm Hg. Laboratory examinations revealed, leukocytosis, thrombocytopenia, microhematuria andproteinuria  and  raised  plasma  renin  activity.S.  Aureuswas  grown  in  blood  culture.  Color  Dopplerultrasonography showed right renal artery stenosis. Echocardiography revealed decreased left ventricular systolic function and increased left ventricular free wall thickness. Sodium nitroprusside infusion was started and nifedipine was added. Her bouts of ventriculer tachycardia responded to amiodarone. Renal artery stenosis was excluded by angiography at twenty fifth day of her life. After exclusion of other causes we conclude that a sepsis may have lead to the renal artery stenosis with malignant renovascular hypertension.

Keywords: newborn, hypertension, sepsis, renal artery stenosis