Case Report

Presentation of a Case With an Association of Hypothyroidism and Translocation Type Down Syndrome

  • A. Kübra TEMOÇIN
  • Hakan ULUCAN
  • Tolga ÜNÜVAR
  • Semra SOYLU
  • Münevver TÜRKMEN

Received Date: 07.06.2005 Accepted Date: 13.07.2005 Meandros Med Dent J 2005;6(2):35-38

An association between hypothyroidism and translocation type Down syndrome (DS) has been detected in a 42- day-old female baby with facial dysmorphism and low levels of blood thyroid hormones. The case is presented because of the rarity of this type of translocation, and the importance of hypothyroidism among common findings of DS is emphasized.

Keywords: Down syndrome, Robertsonian translocation, congenital hypothyroidism, t(15;21)