Clinical Investigation

Investigation of Interactions Among Some Motor Exercises Applied to Football Players

  • Rauf Onur EK
  • Sadun TEMOÇIN
  • Tevfik Ata TEKIN
  • Yüksel YILDIZ

Meandros Med Dent J 2007;8(1):19-22

Aim: Different types of exercise are utilised for a variety of purposes in soccer training.It's quite useful for trainers to observe and test players' efficiency and performances frequently. Aim of this study is to investigate how different types of methods applied during exercise interact each other in preparing a exercise programme. Method: In our study, twenty six amateur soccer players exercising regularly practiced 30 and 60m speed tests, standing broad jump, vertical jump, sit up and the Cooper test. The interaction between the measured values and forced vital capacity was examined. For this purpose, all data was analyzed by Pearson correlation test using the SPSS programme. Results: A significant correlation was found between the results of 30 and 60m speed tests. Also, a powerful relationship was observed between performance of speed tests and degrees of vertical jumps. In addition, another positive correlation was determined between the numbers of practiced sit ups, standing broad jumps and vertical jumps. Conclusion: It's concluded that this kind of research is crucial in observing the performances of players and programming the exercises.

Keywords: Soccer, exercise, performance test