Intestinal Loops Filling Right Hemithorax in Thorax x-ray

  • Hulki Meltem SÖNMEZ
  • Mediha AYHAN
  • Serdar SEN
  • Alev AKDILLI
  • Taskin SENTÜRK

Meandros Med Dent J 2002;3(2):49-50

Pulmonary x-rays of a 32-year-old female complaint with non-specific chest pain revealed colon segments filling the right thorax. Since she had been experienced corrosive oesophagitis during the second year of her life, her oesophagus had replaced with a colon graft on that time. Patient's deformed colony graft removed at our hospital. The imaging findings of this patient submitted.

Keywords: Thorax x-ray, Intestinal loops, eosophagus, greft dilatation