Museums of Medical History

  • Füruzan Kaçar Döger
  • Mükkerem Kurum

Received Date: 04.08.2011 Accepted Date: 26.03.2012 Meandros Med Dent J 2012;13(1):43-46

Museums of history of medicine have educationel qualifications especially for people dealing with medicine.These museums mostly established by faculties of medicine are more frequent in foreign countries, but few in number in Turkey. These are Gevher Nesibe Healing Home and Medical History Museum (Kayseri,1982), Cerrahpaşa Medicine and Pharmacy History Museum (İstanbul,1985), Gülhane Military Academy, Medicine History Museum (1988) , Bayezid the second Complex and Health Museum (Edirne, 2000), Bursa Health Museum (Bursa, 2006) . Universities are obligated to make activities to change the cultural life of the society. Increasing in number of these museums will increase the value of awareness/ promotion/ protection of the society. So universty museology is very important and must be supported.

Keywords: Museum, medicine history, health