Current Inspect To Pain And Pain Mechanism

  • Osman Nuri AYDIN

Received Date: 15.10.2001 Accepted Date: 08.04.2002 Meandros Med Dent J 2002;3(2):37-48

Chemical, mechanical, orthermalstimuli leadto autonomic (changes inheartrate orbloodpressure) or hormonal (adrenal and pituitary secretion) responses well as causing subjective sensation of pain by tissue destruction and disruption of vasculature integrity. A better understanding of pain physiopathology and pain pathways helps us in treatment of pain. Recent advances in our understanding of the chemical and physiologic pain mechanisms have provided us with important developments in pain therapy. In this article, current information about the definition and classification of pain and its chemical and physiologic mechanisms are reviewed.

Keywords: Painpathways, painperception, cerebral cortex, nociception, neurotransmitters