Case Report

Congenital Double Lip Deformity: Presentation of Eight Cases

  • Eray COPCU
  • Yücel ÖZTAN

Received Date: 12.04.2004 Accepted Date: 28.08.2004 Meandros Med Dent J 2004;5(3):43-46

Although congenital double lip deformity is not an uncommon condition, this deformity was presented rarely in the literature. Congenital double lip deformity may be present either as an isolated anomaly or a component of a syndrome. However less than twenty reports were presented in the literature, males were affected predominantly and pathogenesis of this deformity was explained by the embryological defects. In our study male to female ratio was equal and all patients were operated since the aesthetical reason. Elliptical excision was performed under the local anesthesia in all patients. All specimens were evaluated pathological and reported as “normal lip mucosa”. There were no early or late post-operative complication and aesthetical results were achieved in all patients. One case of our patients had partial congenital lip deformity, best of our knowledge; there was no data about the partial congenital lip deformity. Finally, in this study we present eight cases with congenital double lip and discuss the etiology, incidence and treatment modalities according to the data presented in the literature.

Keywords: Double lip, congenital, oral, elliptical excision, partial