Case Report

Cardiovascular Etiology with Report of 3 Cases in Differential Diagnosis of Epilepsy

  • Nilgün ÇÖL ARAZ
  • Kutluhan YILMAZ
  • Akgün ÖLMEZ
  • Metin KILINÇ

Received Date: 08.08.2008 Accepted Date: 08.01.2009 Meandros Med Dent J 2009;10(2):37-40

Epilepsy is a disorder with an incidence of 0.5-1.0% in childhood and characterized by recurrent seizures. The incidence of syncope in childhood is 15% and it causes 3-5% of admissions to the emergency department. Although syncope is more frequent than epilepsy in general population, usually epilepsy is the first pre-diagnosis in patients with loss of consciousness and seizures. Detailed investigations may show other reasons like syncope and cardiologic diseases as the cause of loss of consciousness. In this paper,we present 3 patients admitted to the pediatric emergency department and pediatric neurology clinic with cardiovascular reasons in the etiology of loss of consciousness and pointed out that cardiac syncope should be remembered in the differential diagnosis of epilepsy.

Keywords: Epilepsy, syncope, tilt test,Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome