Case Report

A Relatively Rare Site of Periprosthetic Leak Following Mitral Valve Replacement: Case Report

  • M. Ismail BADAK
  • Ugur GÜRCÜN
  • Mehmet BOGA
  • Erdem Ali ÖZKISACIK

Received Date: 26.07.2004 Accepted Date: 29.11.2004 Meandros Med Dent J 2004;5(3):47-48

Paravalvular leak at the suturing site of prosthetic valve in the mitral annulus following mitral valve replacement is a rare complication. Paravalvular leak may be due to surgical technique used for valve replacement and other patient-related factors. A 65 year old patient who was reoperated for mitral paravalvular leak located in the anterior annulus which might be due to the suturing technique used at the valve replacement operation is presented.

Keywords: Mitral paravalvular leak