Case Report

A Case of Down Syndrome With Basal Ganglia Calcification

  • Tanil KENDIRLI
  • Bahar Emine BINGÖLER
  • Ercan TUTAR
  • Erdal INCE
  • Gülhis DEDA

Received Date: 24.03.2004 Accepted Date: 03.08.2004 Meandros Med Dent J 2004;5(3):41-42

Eight-year-old boy with Down syndrome was accepted to The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for pneumonia and respiratory failure. Tremor, strabismus, urinary retantion and clonus were observed during his hospitalization. Bilateral basal ganglia calcification was demonstrated by computerized tomography neurologic findings were included to be due to metoclopramid which had been begun for vomiting. Bilateral basal ganglia calcification was decided to be due to Down syndrome after excluding TORCH, metabolic and endocrin causes.

Keywords: Down syndrome, basal ganglia calcification