Clinical Investigation

The Retrospective Evaluation Of Patients With Acute Bronchiolitis

  • Hacer ERGIN
  • Aziz POLAT
  • Ilknur KILIÇ
  • Serap SEMIZ
  • Mine CINBIS

Received Date: 02.01.2006 Accepted Date: 14.02.2006 Meandros Med Dent J 2005;6(3):29-32

Aim: Bronchiolitis is an under respiratory tract disorder which is caused by the inflammatory obstruction of the small airways. It is also the most common reason for hospitalization of children younger than 6 months. In this study, demographic characteristics, clinical symptoms, treatment and prognoses of patients who had been admitted to our clinic due to bronchiolitis were investigated. Findings: 59.7% of patients were male, and 40.3% were female. 40.3% were admitted to our hospital in winter, 29.5% in spring, 23.6% in fall and 6% in summer. The largest group of patients consisted of infants between 3-6 months (35.9%). Initial complaints were coughing in 85%, wheezing in 53.7% and fever in 34.3%. Of the patients history of atopy was determined more frequently (41.6%) among those who suffered from three or more attacks compared with patients who experienced one to two attacks (20%). Result: A history of atopy in the patient's family increases the number of bronchiolitis attacks and the need for steroid.

Keywords: Bronchiolitis, atopy, steroid