Clinical Investigation

The Rate Of Weight Gain In Preterm Infants Who Were Fed With Enriched Human Milk

  • Hacer ERGIN
  • Ilknur KILIÇ
  • Dolunay GÜRSES
  • Aysegül SÖZERI
  • Özmert ÖZDEMIR

Received Date: 29.09.2000 Accepted Date: 29.11.2000 Meandros Med Dent J 2000;1(3):9-11

Objective: In this study; the effect of eoprotin on the weight gain rate of preterm babies were investigated. Material and Method: Twenty six preterm babies hospitalised in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unite of the Pamukkale University Hospital between 1999-2000 were evaluated. Enriched mothers milk was given to 16 babies, while the remaining 10 had only theirs mothers' milk. Eoprotin (milupa, 3 g eoprotin; 0.6 g protein, 11 kcal) was added in a dosage of 3 grams per 100 mililiters in expressed human milk when the preterm infants began to be fed fully enterally. Results: Daily weight gain in the eoprotin group significantly increased compared to the control group. Conclusion: We suggestthat eoprotin should be used in preterm babies to increaseweight gain rate.

Keywords: Preterm, human milk fortification