Original Article

The Long Outcome in Patients with Carotico-Subclavian Bypass Surgery for Subclavian Steal Syndrome

  • Özcan Gür
  • Selami Gürkan
  • Güven Karaca
  • Volkan Yüksel
  • Serhat Hüseyin
  • Suat Canbaz
  • Turan Ege

Received Date: 10.05.2012 Accepted Date: 15.08.2012 Meandros Med Dent J 2012;13(2):11-13


In our study we aimed to evaluate long term outcome of carotico-subclavian bypass surgery in patients with subclavian steal syndrome.


We evaluated the patients who underwent caroticosubclavian bypass surgery between the years 1999 and 2011 in our clinic. Total number of patients was 6 (5 female and 1 male). The mean age of the patients was 60.8±2.1 (48- 78). The patients presented with claducatio of upper extremities, headache, dizziness, and differences in arterial pressure between two arms.


There were no complications after the carotico-subclavian bypass surgery. The differences in arterial pressure between the two arms disappeared together with the symptoms after the surgery.


Carotico-subclavian bypass surgery is a procedure with low mortality and morbidity rates and good long term outcomes in patients with subclavian steal syndrome.

Keywords: Subclavian steal syndrome, vascular patency, long term results