Case Report

Paget's Disease of the Breast: A Case Report

  • Aykut Soyder
  • Serdar Özbaş
  • Füsun Taşkın
  • Meltem Uslu
  • Saime İlkören
  • Muhan Erkuş

Received Date: 04.09.2011 Accepted Date: 09.01.2012 Meandros Med Dent J 2012;13(2):39-42

Our case is a twenty-eight-year-old female lady who admitted to dermatology clinic of our university hospital with itchy lesions on her nipple-areolar complex of her right breast. She had these symptoms and signs for nearly two years and these lesions did not respond to topical treatment. Punch biopsy of the lesion revealed Paget's disease of the breast and the patient was referred to general surgery department. A sharply demarcated erythematous lesion with yellowish crusts were found at the nipple-areolar complex of right breast. No lumps were palpated in both of the breast and axillary examination was normal bilaterally. Mammography of right breast revealed pleomorphic microcalcifications with suspicious features of malignancy in the upper outside quadrant of the breast. Vacuum-assisted biopsy was performed and histopathological examination revealed İntraductal carcinoma. Skin sparing mastectomy and an immediate breast reconstruction with a Becker prosthesis was performed. The incidence of Paget disease below the age of thirty and the clinicopathological features of the disease were discussed in this case report.

Keywords: Breast, Paget's disease, intraductal carcinoma, surgery