Clinical Investigation

Our Results of the Hearing Screening

  • Gültekin ÖVET
  • Yasemin IŞIK BALCI
  • Ramazan CANURAL
  • İbrahim Ethem ÇÖVÜT
  • Şener BEKÇİ
  • Nur ERBİL
  • Güneri İMREN

Received Date: 18.03.2009 Accepted Date: 12.05.2009 Meandros Med Dent J 2010;11(1):27-29

The hearing loses affect social, sentimental and mental developments of the newborns negatively. It has great importance to recognize the newborns with hearing loss in the early period in order not to have negative effects on speech and language development. The speech and language development in the children whose treatment has begun is paralel to the speech and language development of the children whose speech and language development is normal.. In this study, the hearing screening was made to 19.464 newborns using TEOAE and ABR tests between 2005-2008. To the newborns who failed the TEOAE test at first measurement the test was re-applied after fifteen days. The newborns who had failed the TEOAE test were evulated by ABR test. In 18 newborns (0.1%) sensorineural hearing losses have been diagnosed. The hearing screening tests have great importance in the recognition of newborns with hearing loss.

Keywords: Newborn, hearing loss, hearing screen