Case Report

Interferon and Lamivudine Combination Therapy in a Child with Chronic Hepatitis B: ACase Report

  • Ferah SÖNMEZ
  • Tolga ÜNÜVAR
  • Gülten INAN
  • Münevver TÜRKMEN
  • Ali ÖZTÜRK

Received Date: 29.08.2001 Accepted Date: 15.10.2001 Meandros Med Dent J 2002;3(3):35-37

As of today, there is yet no succesful treatment of chronic hepatitis B. Failure of interferon a-2a treatment for chronic viral hepatitis has prompted combination therapy. We present a 4 year old male infected with chronic hepatitis B in the replication phase who was treated with a combination of interferon a-2a and lamivudine therapy. Full remission was reached at the end of one year and this affect was still observed after one months of follow-up. So we believe that efficiency of this combination must be researched with controlled and extensive studies.

Keywords: Chronic hepatitis B, interferon -2a, lamivudine, combination therapy