Case Report

Incisional Endometrioma Mimicking a Malignant Mass: Report of Two Cases

  • Orhan Veli ÖZKAN
  • Ersan SEMERCİ
  • Erdoğan ASLAN
  • Ramazan DAVRAN
  • Cumali GÖKÇE
  • Sibel HAKVERDİ
  • Fikret BEYAZ
  • Bülent AKANSU

Received Date: 26.05.2009 Accepted Date: 23.07.2009 Meandros Med Dent J 2010;11(1):43-45

Endometriosis is a common clinical problem of the child-bearing women. Incisional endometrioma is very rare. Patients frequently presented with a history of previous gynecological surgery such as cesarean section or hysterectomy. Although being a gynecological disorder, it may seem like an incisional hernia or abdominal wall tumor. Therefore, it is frequently referred to general surgery outpatient clinics. Here, we report two cases with previous histories of cesarean sections and questinable clinical and laboratory findings of malignancy. The masses located on the previous incision scars were excised widely, and pathological examination of surgical specimens revealed the diagnosis of endometrioma in both cases.

Keywords: Incisional endometrioma, endometriosis, abdominal wall, scar, cesarean section