Clinical Investigation

Knowledge about Nozocomial Infections of NursesWorking in Intensive Care in Training and Research Hospitals in Adana

  • Necdet AYTAÇ
  • Handan NAHARCI
  • Gürsel ÖZTUNÇ

Received Date: 11.08.2008 Accepted Date: 04.11.2008 Meandros Med Dent J 2008;9(3):9-15


The aim of this research was carried in order to specify the knowledge off nurses working in intensive care units of hospitals in Adana province about the measures effective in preventing nozocomial infections.


Our research which was designed as descriptive and carried out between 1 and 31 May 2005, included 210 nurses who works in the intensive care units ofAdana Research and Practice Hospital of Baskent University, Balcalı Hospital of Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine and Adana Numune Training and Research Hospital of Turkish Ministry accepted to fill the questionnaire forms about their socio demographical situations and knowledge level about nozocomial infctions, after getting permissions the hospital managements.


The average age of the nurses was 26.6±3.8, 42.9% working in Baskent University Hospital, 33.4% were graduates of Health High School, average professional experience was 5.66±4.75 years, 63.3% had been trained about nozocomial infections, 69.6% knew the definition of nozocomial infections, 85.2%knew the most frequent nozocomial infections, 84.8% considered washing hands as the maesure absolutely required, 84.8% answered 11 to 16 questions correctly, 68.7% of the nurses who answered maximum 17 questions and more correctly were graduares of colleges.


As a result of this research, it was revealed that, in general, the knowledge of the nurses working in intensive care units, on nozocomial infections, was of intermediate level and needed to be improvedmore some aspects.

Keywords: Nozocomial infection, nursing, intensive care unit