Original Article

Evaluation of The Fear of Falling and the Effective Factors in Old People Staying in Balıkesir State Hospital Internal Medicine Service

  • Selda Yörük

Received Date: 30.04.2012 Accepted Date: 17.07.2012 Meandros Med Dent J 2012;13(2):25-29


This study aims to determine the fear of falling and effecting factors in old people, staying at Balıkesir University Medical Faculty, internal medicine service.


This cross-sectional study, included the patients aged 65 and over (n=445), and was held at Balıkesir State Hospital internal medicine service between March 1 and April 30, 2011. Questionnaire form, which includes evaluation variables, was completed by face-to-face interview. For the study analysis descriptive statistics, chi-square analysis and logistic regression analysis were used.


For the study group results were as follows: 50.8% was male, average age was 74.1+-6.5 (min:65, max:97), 34.6% was illeterate, 66.1% was married, and 4.7% didn't have social security. Of the study group, 9.9% was working, 22.5 didn't have any income and 19.3% was living alone. Among patients, 17.5% were with general bad health conditionand 59.8% had fear of falling. Prevalence of falling was 32.1%in aged people during last one year. In women, the fear of falling was 1.8 [95% CI: 1.20-2.94] times higher.


This study shows a high falling and fear of falling prevalence. The preparation of preventing fall programs may be useful.

Keywords: Elderly, fall, fear of falling