Case Report

A Mild Form Case of Poland Syndrome

  • Zafer BIÇAKÇI

Received Date: 01.07.2009 Accepted Date: 27.08.2009 Meandros Med Dent J 2010;11(1):39-42

Poland syndrome is a congenital syndrome which is characterized by absence of unilateral pectoralis major muscle, ipsilateral upper extremity deformations and several other anterior chest wall malformations. Its incidence is approximately one in 30 000 delivery and males are affected more than females. Generally right hemithorax affected. Previous reports of Poland syndrome were not pure syndrome, they were generally associated with other organ abnormalities or tumors.We report here in a previously healthy 13 year-old male with right hemithorax hypoplasia and absence of right pectoralis major muscle detected by palpation. Right pectoralis muscles were not seen on his magnetic resonance imaging. He did not display any abnormality or dysfunction of other organs. He was diagnosed as a mild form Poland syndrome.

Keywords: Poland syndrome, absence of pectoralis major, hemithorax hypoplasia